Destination brand quiz case #1 – Brand Values

In 2014 a country decided to revise its positioning as a destination, following a very successful run of almost 15 years. The project was undertaken by a highly reputable advertising agency. Among the proposed actions was to change the brand’s tagline. However, the adopted replacement tagline had also been used by a major city in another continent, since 2006. In late 2018, the CEO of that city’s tourism organization stated that he didn’t see the value of instigating litigation against this duplication, as it was also time for his city to refresh its brand.  

  • What is the message behind this issue?
  • Who is wrong and what is right?
  • Why will places face more often this kind of issues?

We will share the answer with you when we meet.

Place or destination brand represents the identity of a place, (i.e. local population, culture, history, creativity, innovation etc.), and thus it should be treated likewise, especially in a sector with such international exposure. It is really beyond the place itself, but rather, it is about sharing the same values with all parties involved to shape a place’s future.