H&T Case study – Destination Rebranding Lesvos island

Brand Identity study and tagline, Lesvos island 2017-18

Lesvos witnessed a dramatic decrease in international tourism arrivals, as the refugee crisis impacted very negatively on its brand image.  To counterbalance the negativity of this enduring crisis, H&T chose a carefully indirect reminder of the local population’s widely publicized kindness toward refugees, together with a showcasing of the island’s impressive cultural and artistic heritage.

Three local ladies showed off to the world how simple people can become a symbol because they are authentic and hospitable. They were nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016.

Photo by Johnnie Walker documentary campaign on Lesvos refugee crisis (Diageo Group)

Sappho: “Beauty endures only for as long as it can be seen; goodness, beautiful today, will remain so tomorrow”. Image by the Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, Artist: John William Godward

see beyond the visual language


The rebranding project received a 96% approval rating through an anonymous questionnaire during the official presentation.

Samples of comments and publicity

a) Publicity in local and national media – Media headlines
“Impressive consensus for Lesvos new tourism brand”
“A new era is starting for Lesvos tourism”
“Total acceptance of the new Lesvos brand”

b) Very positive comments from the most reputable ouzo brand distillers – Mr. C. M., Ouzo Plomari and Mrs V. V. Ouzo Varvayanni

c) Facebook comment as stated by a local stakeholder, Mr. V. S.
“Today was an inspirational and truly historic day here on Lesvos !
The Governor and Mayor, support a world class presentation made by Mr Michaelides on the branding of #Lesvos! He was simply exceptional! …. a lot of work and effort into this project, but more importantly, it was done with passion! he mentioned the #refugeecrisis and how this should be included in the message sent to the world! Impressed ! He actually had everyone’s support!! This is truly incredible!”