Place and destination branding is nurtured by mentoring the young

#thinkbeyondtourism – A novel approach in tourism that focuses not only on factual knowledge but also on  values. Guiding the young generation through its quest for academic and career purpose.

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It happens in 2019, in Greece starting from:

a) Arsakeio private high school, career orientation in tourism.

b) Helia-Ancient Olympia region, career orientation in tourism organized by Helia Chamber of Commerce.


Results are counted by the participants and they are presented by the end of the seminar.

  • Speaker evaluation 
    • 9,5 out of 10 stated excellent (69%) and very good (25%)
  • Overall degree of satisfaction   
    • 10 out of 10  stated very satisfied (75%) and satisfied (25%)
  • Chamber of commerce initiative  
    • 9,5 out of 10 stated excellent (63%) and very good (34%)


Excellent initiative – Hope you do something similar in other parts of Greece and you will come back to our city – Excellent presentation for high schools and colleges – Excellent speaker – I would like to have him back again – Please repeat this initiative – Remarkable presentation – this presentation is for everyone  – Well done – need contact details to communicate with the speaker – this presentation is a must for the young generation

   Think Beyond Tourism