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H&T is an awarded specialized agency focused on place – destination marketing and branding, offering services to public & private tourism organizations, companies and developers. With over 20 years of experience, H&T’s constant focus on innovation and effective approaches has led to the launching of completely new concepts in 2019.



Tourism Strategy and Market Research


Place – Destination Brand & Branding


Destination Marketing


Visitors Arrivals Strategy


Regional – Destination Evaluation for developers


Tourism –  Destination Management


Education & Public speaking

Many countries around the world are now investing in tourism as a key driver of economic development.  Competition is intensified and new approaches are needed to break through an overcrowded environment. Place – destination brand has emerged as the most valuable asset to differentiate from competitors.


Countries or regions that will implement effective place-destination brand & branding strategies will find themselves among the future top destinations.


 Place – Destination Brand DiffusionTM

H&T is currently launching a completely innovative branding strategy that revolutionizes place-destination branding. It is an effective image and brand awareness enhancing approach that also involves local communities as key brand advocates.


 Place – Destination Brand Identity

International research shows that more than 95% of place or destination brand projects failed to deliver a vision, increase brand awareness and communicate a message that contributes toward development.


Brand evaluation, strategy and objectives – Brand market research – Brand identity study –  Visual logo and tagline – Branding strategy for nations/places


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The emergence of destination marketing & branding in the private industry

All hospitality executives emphasize the importance of destination marketing and branding in the private tourism sector. Available information through the multitude of travel websites and social media is chaotic and often unreliable.



Content marketing, Branding, Influential Marketing, Co-branding

H&T has developed a leading edge Digital Destination Marketing strategy focused on destination content that is essential to travel consumers.  It is about creating influential, reliable and useful content that is not currently available in most travel websites.


Differentiate your property from competitors, increase sales and return on investment
The Digital Destination Marketing strategy aims to enhance image and brand awareness as well as add value to both property and destination.



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The purpose of The GR Tourism Academia is to mentor and guide students and young people through a very challenging and complex world. Everyone realizes that tourism has a tremendous economic and societal impact, which is why factual knowledge is not the ultimate goal. The new “think beyond tourism” approach aims to guide students and young people on how to search for a purpose in their academic and career choices, how to lead their own lives and be useful to their society. Become citizens of the Beyond World.


 A pioneering and highly engaging educational and career orientation seminar in tourism. A new approach about tourism prospects and life values that is based on experience and real case studies.


 Innovative lectures, seminars and executive courses in tourism, destination marketing and place-destination brand & branding


 International educational study – abroad programs for universities and schools visiting Greece. Combine intercultural skills, knowledge, innovation and values.


 Mentoring for travel & tourism startups


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